Family Owned & Operated Business


Why we make high performance packable fly rods

I travel a lot for business, all over the US and internationally.  Back in the day, I would almost always bring a fly rod with me on my trips.  I owned four section fly rods, so that's what I brought.  It was a pain to bring them on airplanes with my other luggage, and I stopped bringing them with me.  It was a pain to travel with them period.  Some people call them travel rods, four section fly rods are NOT travel rods.  Then I found the super compact 7 section rods, thinking to myself, this is the answer...until I fished them.  They didn't feel right, they were heavy, they felt like casting a telephone pole, and I stopped bringing them with me.  We decided to see if we could build a better compact rod...and we did!


6 & 7 Section Fly Rods That Cast & Feel Awesome

We spend years of R&D, testing a ton of different blanks and components.  What we have built surprises fly fishing guides & anglers every day.  We loved hearing anglers tell us at the beginning that our rods would be terrible, and we told them to try the rods before they judge.  The critics were shocked & surprised.  They underestimated that a rod could be so compact, yet be so light and have such a great feel.   


What's Important to YOU as an Angler?

We believe it's awesome to get out in the wilderness and catch fish on the fly.  We believe that it doesn't need to be a pain to travel or backpack with a great fly rod.  We believe that you don't need to break the bank to bring a solid fly rod with you EVERYWHERE you go.  


Why we assemble our rods overseas.

Price.  We would love to assemble our rods in the US, but if you actually check the major fly rod companies, you will not find a rod with our quality or performance in this price point manufactured in the US.  In fact, most of our competition does manufacture overseas as well, but sells their products to consumers at higher prices.  This is due to our disciplined expense management.  We simply have lower overhead and pass on a better value to our customers.