Premium Travel Fly Rods/Combos

Premium Travel Fly Rods / Kits Available in 5 & 8 Weight

  • THE PERFECT TRAVEL ROD: Specifically designed for fast action fly fishing, our El Cinco (5 weight) and El Ocho (8 weight) rods are durable and extra lightweight. These amazing rod and reel sets were designed in collaboration with experienced life long anglers who wanted to take their sport with them when they travel. These set are extremely portable and are the perfect to take in any tight spaces, such as when your hiking, or even cycling to your favorite fishing spot for trout, bass, bonefish.
  • PREMIUM REEL & ROD: 100% sealed disc drag system which is waterproof and ready to fish fresh or saltwater, extremely smooth and tough enough to handle large fish. Constructed from IM10 Graphite while featuring upgraded titanium rod guides, a black matte metal reel seat and AAA cork handle. This outfit comes with a stylish case that measures less than 20 inches long.
  • SUPER COMPACT: Traveling with a 9 foot fly rod is not the most pleasant of experiences. After discussing with many avid fly anglers we came to the conclusion that the 4 piece fly rods are great, but just not good enough. Hence our 7 piece,mid-stiff flex set that breaks down perfectly into a compact, yet rugged cordura traveling case that measures just over 19 inches. It fits into your carry on, briefcase, or backpack
  • GREAT FOR ANY TRIP: Their compact size and lightweight feel make these rods great for any trip, whether your flying for a business trip or road tripping cross-country on a family vacation we make it easy to get your fishing fix. Great for both freshwater and saltwater, so you can hit your local stream, creek or river, along with those boating days on a lake or in the ocean.
  • DISCOVER OUR DIFFERENCE: It’s very common with fly rod companies to include the price of the warranty into the price of ALL their customers, many times over ⅓ of the retail price of the rod gets tacked onto the price. We have a differnet option. We only charge our customers that break a rod for the warranty. Purchase your rod from us, and if you break it, simply go to our website, add the warranty to your cart, check out, send in your broken rod, and we will send you a replacement.

Pescador on the Fly:  We came together with one goal in mind, to make it easy to bring a great fly rod with you during all of your travels. Our rods are built to travel, just like you!Traveling with a 9 foot fly rod is not the most pleasant of experiences, and sometimes we wonder if the pain is really worth the reward. Which is exactly why we started a new fly rod company with a very narrow focus on super compact travel fly rods. You will not find another super compact 7 piece fly rod & reel combo on the market that compares to El Cinco & El Ocho, we upgraded everything!  

The Story Behind the Product:  We've met a ton of avid fly anglers that travel for business or on family vacations. While on a business trip or family vacation, they always want to bring a fly rod with along to search for whatever fish are swimming locally.We all love our 4 piece fly rods, but they can be a pain to travel with especially when fly fishing is not the exclusive purpose of our trip. We searched the market, and couldn’t find a high quality super compact travel rod at a great we designed our own! We support Trout Unlimited and 1% for the Planet. El Cinco is a fantastic all around trout kit. El Ocho is fantastic for saltwater applications like bonefish, redfish, snook, jacks, or if you are anything like us, anything you can cast to. We also take El Ocho out to find bass, carp, and steelhead for sure. These are truly epic travel sets. 

El Cinco & El Ocho Features:

  • Mid-Stiff Flex Rod - 7 Piece Set
  • Made from IM10 Graphite for Excellent Feel 
  • Upgraded Titanium Rod Guides
  • Upgraded Black Matte Metal Reel Seat
  • AAA Grade Cork Handle - Extreme comfort
  • 5 Weight or 8 Weight Available Today
  • 9 Foot Long Fly Rod
  • Smooth Disc Drag Stainless Steel 100% Waterproof Reel
  • Saltwater & Freshwater Capabable Reel