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We make packable fly rods & combos, trout decals, & more.  Our fly rods easily go EVERYWHERE you go & won't break the bank.

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Pescador on the Fly YouTube Channel

Check out our most recent YouTube video where we demonstrate how anyone can find great fly fishing opportunities while traveling for business, family vacations, or driving to the grocery store!  Opportunities are everywhere!

Who should consider owning our packable fly rods?

  1. Anglers that want to easily bring a great fly rod with them, everywhere they go.  Backpackers, Hikers, Campers, Trail Runners, Golfers, Business Travelers, Vacationers.
  2. Anglers that like to easily carry a backup rod with them on the water, You won't even know it's clipped to your pack, it won't break the bank. and it could save your day!
  3. Minimalist Anglers or new fly anglers that want a high quality fly rod that doesn't take up much space.

El Cinco, High Quality 5 Weight Packable Fly Fishing Combo

Introducing El Cinco, our high quality 5 weight travel fly rod combo.  El Cinco is the perfect travel partner for those of us venturing into trout territory or fishing for small bass.  El Cinco was built to make it easy to bring a great fly rod with us wherever we go.  Check it out!

El Ocho, High Quality 8 Weight Packable Fly Fishing Combo

Introducing El Ocho, our 8 weight, one of our high quality compact packable fly rods & combos.  El Ocho was made so we can easily bring a great saltwater fly rod combo with us when we travel.  Pick one up for light saltwater applications like bonefish, stripping streamers for large trout, or fishing for largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, or carp.  This combo was built to fish in saltwater, but is absolutely at home fishing in freshwater.  Check it out!