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Everything Will Move Forward

Everything Will Move Forward


Everyone knows this is a very strange time in the history of our society.  I’ll get to the fly fishing application in a minute. Our family is just like most American families, sheltering in place going on six weeks.  We have similar stories as many of you, but I’d say we are incredibly fortunate to have our health.  Our hearts go out to those with specific conditions or the elderly.  I‘m constantly worried about my Dad, but he’s hanging in there in Florida.  We hope he can make the annually trek up to Iowa, albeit a bit later than normal.  

We just booked flights for June.  This was the most therapeutic thing I’ve done in weeks.  I honestly feel that we are going to get back to life, and I’m confident it’s time...starting in June.  Maybe May...

We have a senior in high school in our house, and as those with similar aged kids know, this causes a certain level of uncertainty.  Our senior has made the decision to change her college from Loras, in Dubuque IA to The University of Montana, in Missoula, MT.  As a Dad, who may be into fly fishing, who currently resides in West Des Moines, IA, Loras in NE Iowa presented plenty of fly fishing opportunities.  I‘ve fished the Driftless area many times, and absolutely love it.  I was looking forward to multiple trips up to check on random things for 12 minutes, all to make sure I could hit North Bear Creek on the way home.  I’m a good Dad.  

Now, I’m afraid that my daughter may have made a grave decision that will have her Dad in town far more than she intended.  Missoula, are you kidding me?  The Big Black Foot, if I’m not mistaken, the river actually runs through it.  Wasn’t there a movie that actually said that? 

Anyway, my family and I are flying to Missoula in June to check out the campus, and look forward to meeting ncredible people.  I’ll be hiring a guide from a local shop, hopefully will be my friend for life.  If anyone knows someone I should connect with let me know.  

I encourage everyone to look to the future, find a window when you are comfortable, and get out there.  This will pass, we will overcome!  

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