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Introducing Econ 101 Series: Packable Starter Fly Fishing Combos

Introducing Econ 101 Series: Packable Starter Fly Fishing Combos


We are very proud to bring the Econ 101 Series of fly rods & outfits to the market.  Econ 101 is the foundation of economic studies in universities, and the Econ 101 series is the perfect foundation for people entering the sport of fly fishing.  We built this series for people want quality gear that don’t want to break the back, or anglers that seek a quality back up rod at a great price.  This starter combo is the perfect starter fly fishing combo for those that want to start out with quality gear that doesn't  break the bank.   We are able to bring higher quality rods to the market at better prices due to our disciplined low overhead approach.  We keep our expenses VERY low so we can pass on the savings to our customers. The Econ 101 Series is another example of this.



We made the Econ 101 Packable, the 9 foot fly rod collapses into 6 sections that fit into their own 22 inch rod tube.  At Pescador on the Fly, we make packable fly rods that go with you EVERYWHERE you go.  The 6 section rod stores easily and transports like a dream.  Best yet, you won’t even realize it’s a 6 section rod when fishing it.  It’s that smooth.



To made the Econ 101 Series incredibly versatile, we had them built on blanks that are able to fish two different sizes of fly lines.  For example, our 906-3/4 can cast 3 weight fly line or 4 weight fly line, so your rod is ready to fish multiple situations, increasing it’s value.  Another killer feature is all of our Econ 101 6 section packable fly rods come with an extra tip section, just in case.  This series is has a rod ready to fish for just about every trout fishing situation out there.  Its currently available in 906-3/4, 906-5/6, & 906-7/8.



Are you looking for a streamer rod?  Check out the Econ 101 906-7/8.  This packable beauty is ready to toss giant streamers in search for your water’s largest predators.  This rod is built with the perfect amount of backbone & sensitivity, comes with a fighting butt for adding extra pressure when needed.    



Check out our Econ 101 Go-Pack Outfits.  We package up your new rod, reel, fly line, backing, sling pack, over 100 trout flies, & a TON of accessories, all in one economical package so you are ready to GO anytime.  Check out the photos and link up to the Econ 101 Go-Pack Outfits on our website, you won’t be disappointed!  



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