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Join Our Stream Clean-Up Initiative with Trout Unlimited

Join Our Stream Clean-Up Initiative with Trout Unlimited

Embrace Sustainability: Join Our Stream Clean-Up Initiative with Trout Unlimited


At Pescador on the Fly, we’re excited to announce a partnership with our esteemed friends at Trout Unlimited—an alliance rooted in our shared commitment to preserving the pristine beauty of our waters. We believe that simple acts, consistently carried out by a community of anglers, can create an enormous impact. With this in mind, we’ve introduced a unique initiative that empowers every angler to become a steward of the environment, while enjoying their fly fishing adventures.


Elevating Stewardship Through Small Efforts

Our endeavor begins with small mesh bags that have been ingeniously designed to seamlessly fit into any angler’s fishing pack. These bags are a tangible reminder of the difference each one of us can make. We’re thrilled to offer these mesh bags free of charge to fellow anglers, inviting them to join us in our mission to rid the beautiful habitats of our beloved trout from litter and debris.


A Vision of Collective Impact

Mark Shulman from Trout Unlimited Colorado has beautifully captured the essence of our initiative. Picture this: every time you head to the stream, you contribute to its cleanliness. If you fish twice a month, that’s 24 bags of trash removed from the wilderness each year—just one angler! Now envision this multiplied by a community of 100 anglers, then 1,000, and even 10,000. The potential for positive change is awe-inspiring.

Local Streams, Ongoing Efforts

While we wholeheartedly support the impactful clean-up days organized by local Trout Unlimited chapters, we’re motivated by the notion that ongoing efforts are key. We call upon a league of “Trout Heroes” to make every fishing trip an opportunity to make a difference. We invite you to share your mesh bag, filled with collected trash, on social media using the hashtags #trouthero and #troutunlimited. Let’s amplify the impact and inspire others to join this crucial movement.


Join Us in Becoming a “Trout Hero”

Our family business, Pescador on the Fly, is committed to empowering anglers in their journey towards sustainability. To receive your complimentary mesh bag, simply cover the shipping cost and use code TROUTHERO at checkout. We’re also excited to include one of these mesh bags with every combo purchase, magnifying the influence of your commitment.  We are also prepared to partner with local Trout Unlimited Chapters to support their efforts by supplying Trout Hero Bags at our cost.  


Explore More, Make a Difference

We encourage you to discover our diverse range of fly fishing gear and accessories. By joining forces with us and Trout Unlimited, you’re not only investing in quality products but also embracing a culture of responsible fly fishing. Feel free to reach out with any questions or to share your experiences along this sustainable journey.


Let’s stand united for cleaner streams and brighter tomorrows.


Tight lines and cleaner waters,

Jeff and the Pescador on the Fly Team

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