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Personal Best Carp on the Fly in October

Personal Best Carp on the Fly in October



When you’re  fishing for smallmouth in October, I suggest bringing a big stick.  Many of you know, I’m an eight weight man when it comes to fishing streamers.  I have no problem pulling in a small fish with a large rod.  It‘s still fishing.  I‘m seeking large fish most of the time, using large fish tactics and larger flies that larger fish eat.  

Today, I had the chance to meet a new friend of mine and customer to spend some time on the river searching for smallmouth bass.  I was shocked at how low the water was.  All of the normal runs I love swinging a streamer for small mouth bass were basically too low to hold fish.  I'm sure there were some fish a bit further down the river in some of the deeper sections, but I had about an hour an a half window of time.  These things happen.  I felt bad that the water conditions were so bad during out little session.  



Experience has taught me to always bring my favorite carp fly on this river, the rust colored Befus Carp fly.  This fly has a little weight tied around the hook, and seems to get down to the perfect depth quickly.  

We didn't see many fish, even though I landed a solid six inch small mouth up near were we started.  We kept moving down river, down river, and further down river searching for the perfect pool that never really appeared.  Finally, we found some giant carp cruising around, and my buddy walked down a bit to fish a pool near a downed tree.  After seeing the giant carp, I had something else on my mind, as I swapped out my streamer for my favorite carp fly.  



I patiently worked the water presenting my fly to these giants.  I just knew that eventually I would have the perfect drift, and GULP.  Boom, it was on.  This giant ran up river all the way to my backing quickly, then decided to take a turn down river to try to get off in the rocks.  Luckily, the hook was in good I was able to bring this beast to hand.  This was my personal best landed carp on the fly, we estimated it to be around 12-14 pounds.  One of these days, I'll man up and get a scale and tape so we can know for sure, but until then, tight lines my friends!


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