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Streamers and Superchargers: A Tesla-Powered Fly Fishing Trip to The White River in Arkansas

Streamers and Superchargers: A Tesla-Powered Fly Fishing Trip to The White River in Arkansas
Embarking on a fly fishing adventure to The White River, I chose an unconventional companion for the journey — my Tesla Model S.  (My 2013 Jeep Wrangler, which has been my companion on every fly fishing road trip in the last 11 years is in the shop.  It needs a little work before my son Max starts driving it next year.  How awesome is that by the way!!!)  I’ve owned my Tesla for a little over a year, but this was my first long road trip.  It was not only about reconnecting with a beloved pastime, and fishing a place I used to fish with my dad, but also about challenging the myths and misconceptions surrounding electric vehicle (EV) road trips. Despite the skepticism often found online, traveling in a Tesla proved to be both easy and awesome, seamlessly combining the thrill of fly fishing with the innovation of electric mobility.

Effortless Charging, Uninterrupted Adventures

One common myth I was eager to dispel is the notion that EV charging is a hassle on long trips. My experience couldn’t have been more different. The first charging stop in Benton, MO, at a Supercharger was as convenient as a pit stop gets — a quick 20-minute charge while grabbing lunch and stretching my legs. Seriously, there was no way I could keep driving without stopping to use the restroom anyway.  Similarly, the next stop in Springfield, MO, demonstrated the efficiency of Tesla’s charging network, requiring only another brief pause before continuing on my way.  The charging at this location was slower than other SuperChargers I’ve used in the past, but still only about 20 minutes. I took a restroom break, and a little walk to stretch my legs.  

The Joy of the Drive

The drive itself was a testament to the Tesla Model S’s capability to turn any journey into an adventure. The roads through southern Missouri and northern Arkansas, with their twists and turns, were not just manageable but thoroughly enjoyable in the Tesla.  I’m almost certain these road have been repaved recently, and this was the most fun drive I’ve had in years!  This part of the trip underscored the car’s performance and handling, proving that electric vehicles can indeed enhance the road trip experience, particularly for enthusiasts heading to remote fishing spots like The White River.  

Arriving with Energy to Spare

Arriving at Gaston’s with 45%+ battery left debunked another common concern: range anxiety. I left Springfield with around 70%, and drove a few super fun hours.  The Tesla’s reliable performance and the strategic placement of Superchargers along the route made the trip worry-free. Charging overnight at the cabin was convenient, ensuring the car was ready for the journey back, allowing me to focus on the excitement of fly fishing — the true purpose of the trip.  It was really easy to just use the Tesla charging pack to plug it right into the wall outlet in my cabin.  It charges really slow but that’s multi tasking while I’m searching for big browns with a large streamer powered by El Jefe!  


To me, it’s all about the fly fishing.  I’m stoked to toss flies, many I tied myself, the rest are flies we sell on our website, with our El Jefe fly rods.  To me, this is a gift.  This fly fishing expedition to The White River, powered by Tesla, was a journey that proved electric vehicles are more than up to the task of long-distance travel and outdoor adventures.  I’m proud to be in a position to teach fly fishing and maybe experiment a bit on new types of road trips using electric vehicles.  Don’t always believe the headlines or trolls.  Do your own research, like I have.

Stay tuned for more tales from The White River in Arkansas, where the serenity of fly fishing meets the innovation of electric travel, proving that the future of outdoor adventures is as bright and promising as the flow of a pristine stream.

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