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Tiger Trout, White River Arkansas with Gastons Resort

Tiger Trout, White River Arkansas with Gastons Resort



You know pretty quickly when you are fishing on The White River in Arkansas, and are the only boat on the water, that the conditions are either brutal or you are simply crazy.  I personally live by the philosophy that there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes.  



When the wake up call says -4 degrees, you know it’s going to be a tough day.  To me, it’s all good.  This was a trip I scheduled to get away for a bit, and celebrate my birthday.  I tied up a bunch of flies to use during my two days on the water, and planned on using them the entire time.  Catching beautiful trout on the fly is a reward in itself, but catching trout on flies you tied yourself is a reward of a different level.  



I’ve never actually caught a Tiger Trout before, and didn’t realize they were stocked into the White River.  This one hit a white jig fly I tied up and during the fight, I thought I had a brown trout.  When we got it close to the net, I realized that this one was different.  My wife was quick to offer her opinion that they shouldn’t be called Tiger Trout, and that they should be called Leopard Trout.  Fair enough.  

It’s pretty cool to add a new species to my fly fishing list this week.  An unexpected add, but welcomed. 

Until next time, tight lines my friends.  


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