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A Memorable Fourth of July Fly Fishing Adventure in Missoula, Montana

A Memorable Fourth of July Fly Fishing Adventure in Missoula, Montana

This past Fourth of July, I had the pleasure of embarking on an unforgettable fly fishing trip to Missoula, Montana, with my 14-year-old son, Max. This trip was particularly special as Max finally decided to learn fly fishing and join me on a float. We were accompanied by our new friend and incredible guide, Dylan, who grew up in Missoula and possesses an extraordinary talent for teaching and patience.

Our adventure began at a very reasonable time, at our favorite hotel in town, The DoubleTree. Dylan arrived at 8:00, 15 minutes early, and so were we—an immediate sign that we were going to get along well. We headed out of town to fish the lower Bitterroot River, excited for the day ahead.

Before hitting the water, Dylan gave Max some casting lessons with his El Jefe six weight rod in the parking lot. These lessons, coupled with the ones I had given him back in Iowa, were instrumental, though it seemed Dylan had a knack for explaining things in a way Max understood perfectly. Meanwhile, I was eager to test out a prototype for a new rod we're developing—a six-section five-weight from a state-of-the-art factory in Korea. This rod performed spectacularly, and we can’t wait to share more about it when it becomes available in October.

As we started fishing, Max took the front of the boat where most of the action would be, and I fished from the back. Our strategy for the day involved using a big chubby Chernobyl to mimic the large stoneflies we observed all over the river, with a Pat’s rubber legs as our dropper. This dry and dropper setup proved effective, as stoneflies were abundant.

I kicked things off by nailing the first small rainbow, and then Max hooked up. The electric smile on his face as he lifted his El Jefe six weight combo and brought in a small brook trout was priceless. Dylan mentioned that he sees a brook trout caught in this river about once every two years, so we were thrilled. It was a proud dad moment to witness Max land his first trout on the fly!

The morning continued with success, fishing deep pools teeming with downed trees. While we occasionally hooked these submerged obstacles, we also hooked into fish. Just before lunch, Max hooked into a solid trout. Shortly after, I made a perfect cast behind a log and connected with another solid trout. Our first double was underway!

As the day progressed, Max made an exceptional cast to a downed log. His dry fly darted down, and he raised his El Jefe—it was on. This was a big fish, intent on getting back into the tree. Max did an outstanding job keeping it at bay, and after a solid fight, we netted a magnificent 20-inch brown trout.

Now, I’m worried Max will think every day is like this(just kidding). What an epic day! We brought over 20 trout to the boat and thoroughly enjoyed every moment. The thrill of the catch, the beauty of the river, and the joy of sharing this experience with my son made it an unforgettable adventure.

This trip was more than just a fishing excursion; it was a bonding experience with my son and a reminder of why we love this sport. The El Jefe six weight performed brilliantly, and our new prototype rod showed incredible promise. We can't wait to share more adventures with you and introduce our latest gear.

Tight lines,

Jeff, Owner
Pescador on the Fly


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