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April 2024 Fly Fishing Report From Missoula, Montana

April 2024 Fly Fishing Report From Missoula, Montana

My good friend and professional Guide Jake Hensley, AKA @missoulaflyguy on Instagram has been killing it near Missoula, Montana this year with his clients.  If you are looking to fish some of the best water in the country with one heck of a guide, let me know and I'll introduce you.  Below is a quick recap of just one day.

Sun Sck Mick and the 4 Year Skwala Hatch

By Jacob Hensley

“These fish don’t eat dry flies in the sun” is what people say.  I say, make them eat it.  Ten days ago, I was neck deep in a massive skwala and March brown hatch on the upper Clark. It had been cold and sunny and damnit I couldn’t get them to eat it. Change flies, change depth, change my attitude. There are layers to this game. Forget the other competition, forget the weather. We know where they live, let’s hit them in the face. One fish, two fish, red fish, we aren’t skunked anymore. Busting my ass for a ten fish day isn’t something I strive for but it’s no bagel aka zero. Some days the fish are one step ahead of us. Was it the sun? Was it the rising water? Maybe it’s just that every day gives you something new and some days are harder than others. My fish brain says that the fish were gorging days before I was there and I was two steps behind the hatch. Let’s think ahead of the game, fast forward. The next day I move 60 miles down river to the lower Clark Fork. Sunny, not super buggy and big water. At 1pm we had three fish in the boat. I tell myself “don’t panic, if you’ve laid the groundwork and set the expectations for your clients then the plan is molding and the day is building how you predicted it would go”. We finish lunch and the first fluttering skwala hits the water. A slight haze gathers from some small clouds and the beginning of a March brown hatch starts. Next thing I know, a locust of 2” skwalas are parading down the river. Jackpot. These are the days we pray for. This late in our pre-run off season we still have clean water and a smorgasbord of natural drakes and stones. The stars only align like this once every three to five years.  I am super guide, no other competition, not another boat on our stretch of river. The sight of mini grenades exploding on all the perfect banks, dry fly doubles for days, grip and grins and full nets. As the bugs slip away, we celebrate with sips of bourbon at the local watering hole while the high from the day settles into a warm buzz. One for the road and fish tales all the way home. 

Jacob Hensley

Today is the day to book your next adventure, and there is no better place than Missoula, Montana.

Until next time, tight lines my friends!



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