Frequently Asked Questions

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Do your fly rods have a warranty?

Absolutely, we will stand by our products for all manufacturing defects.  Just reach out to us, and we will help get you taken care of.  Check out the warranty section on our webpage.

What makes your rods or your company special?

We are a small family owned business with a very disciplined expense philosophy.  We know that if we can keep our expenses very low, source the same blanks as some of the larger rod companies, upgrade the components, and bring them direct to the consumer eliminating the middle men, we can bring an incredible value.  We build great rods at a great price.  Once you cast one, you will understand.

Who should consider owning a packable fly rod?

Anglers that want to easily bring a great fly rod with them everywhere they go.  Backpackers, hikers, campers, trail runners, golfers, business travelers, vacationers.

With so many sections in your travel fly rods, do they come apart all the time?

Actually no, it does not come apart all the time.  In fact, we have tested these rods in 4 countries and around 20+ states now and have never had one come apart while casting.  Doesn't mean it will never happen, we have had our 4 piece rods come apart while casting so you never know!  So far, it hasn't been an issue for us or our customers.

Do you have anglers that use your packable rods as back up rods?

Yes, we sure do.  We do business with a number of serious anglers that hike a long way to get to their prized water.  It's always a good idea to have a back up rod with you, and our packable rods can clip right to your pack so they are always with you.

Will you be manufacturing different weights of fly rods in the future?

YES!  We currently have 3-8 weight available in a couple of different series of rods.  Will we expand?  Absolutely, and we have a number of new projects in the works.  

Do you make a good rod for fishing streamers?

Absolutely, we actually have three.  Check out El Ocho, our 7 section 8 weight super compact travel rod.  Also, we have our Econ 101 906-7/8 & El Jefe 906-7/8.  All of these rods will help you toss giant streamers to your water's largest predators.