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Frequently Asked Questions

With so many sections in your travel fly rods, do they come apart all the time?

This is a great question, and we get it often.  Actually no, it does not come apart all the time.  In fact, we have tested these rods in 4 countries and around 20+ states now and have never had one come apart while casting.  Doesn't mean it will never happen, we have had our 4 piece rods come apart while casting so you never know!

Are your travel fly rods meant to replace my 4 piece fly rods?

Absolutely not!  We love our 4 piece rods and fish them often.  We produced the 7 piece travel rods to supplement our 4 piece rods.  4 piece rods are great, but they are not the easiest to travel with when fly fishing is not the main purpose of your travel, such as a business trip or family vacation.  Dragging a 4 piece rod with us can be inconvenient, and eventually we will stop bringing it with us.  Our travel rods are super compact and easy to travel with, making it simple and easy to have a great fly rod with us at all times.

Do your fly rods have a warranty?

Absolutely, we will stand by our products for all manufacturing defects.  Just reach out to us, and we will help get you taken care of.

Are your 7 piece fly rods as strong as other rods with 4 sections?

Given the fact that they have more sections, we recommend fishing them a little more delicate than your 4 piece rods.  When we give our fish a little extra play, and we have not had an issue.  When trying to over power a large fish with a smaller weight rod, we have ran into issues.  Example, we snapped a 5 weight travel rod in the testing phase while fighting a 15+ pound carp when it made a strong last second rod, shouldn't have had an issue, but we had a hold of the line and the rod snapped, more of a rookie mistake than an issue with the fly rod in our opinion.  

How does your fly rod warranty work?

Most great rod companies come with some sort of warranty.  We are no different, except we charge differently than others.  The other companies charge everyone up front and do not offer a choice.  We only charge our customers that break a rod, for whatever reason, the warranty price.  Think about it, do you want to pay for a warranty you may never use or just pay for it if you need it?  It is common knowledge that on average, rod companies tack on an additional 1/3 of the price in warranty.  There is nothing wrong with this, and some consumers actually love that it's simple and part of the price.  We think differently, and we avoid this up charge to everyone by charging the back end warranty to those accessing it.  

Will you be manufacturing different weights of fly rods in the future?

YES!  We have several new weights in travel fly rods in manufacturing right now, and are bringing out a new line of premium 4 piece rods in the 4th quarter.