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We want to help build a team of TROUT HEROS all over the country. Trout Heros love the fish we seek, and will pack out trash on the amazing waters we fish. Our vision is to help build the habit when we hit the water to make it a little better, a little cleaner each time. Large scale stream clean ups that we sponsor at the local Trout Unlimited Chapter level are fantastic, but there’s more we can do. Imagine if all anglers take out one bag of trash every time we fish. Small acts repeated over and over by a large number of anglers will add up to MASSIVE results over time. We all know that we can do more to clean up the rivers. We know we likely weren't the problem, but we ALL can be the solution. That's why we partnered with our friends at Trout Unlimited to produce these simple bags so EVERYONE can clean up each time we are on the water. We are happy to send one to every angler for free, as long as they pay shipping. Let's keep our waters clean. Be a hero to the fish you love and your fellow anglers. Bags are made of mesh and measure 18X12 Inches. They fold up small and can easily fit inside whatever pack you are using. There is a perfect spot inside your Pescador on the Fly Go-Pack Sling Pack!